Quick Answer: Is The Star Name Registry Legit?

The International Star Registry is not in the business of officially assigning star names; it is in the business of finding people willing to part with their money for a piece of paper that in a scientific sense means precisely nothing.

Is ISR’s star-naming business therefore a scam?

No, not legally.

Is naming a star legitimate?

The answer is yes, and no. Names of astronomical objects are agreed upon by the International Astronomical Union. If this name sounds familiar, it’s the same people who voted that Pluto is not a planet. The IAU hasn’t taken on any new names for stars, and probably won’t ever.

How much does it cost to name a star after someone?

Here, you will need to visit a recognized website, which will then help you name the star after yourself or someone else. In general, simply naming a standard star would cost roughly $50. When you log in to the website dedicated to selling the star, they will show you the exact position of the star in the sky.

What is the official Star naming registry?

The International Star Registry (ISR) is an organization founded in 1979, which sells the right to unofficially name stars. Products and services are often marketed as gifts or memorials.

Can I buy a star and name it?

When you talk about “buying stars” or “naming stars” for yourself or a friend, you are most likely referring to the claims of one of the commercial companies who promise to do this for you for money (something of the order of $US 50). You can do this, but it is not official.

Is Star naming a con?

Is ISR’s star-naming business therefore a scam? No, not legally. The company promises to send you a piece of parchment, a booklet and a star map – and it delivers. It also promises to copyright your star’s new name and location in a book – and it does.

Can I buy a star from NASA?

NASA has nothing to do with star names and naming stars at all. The only organization which publishes stars named by the scientific community, is the IAU (International Astronomical Union). This means that if you want to name a star as a gift for someone, NASA isn’t the place to go to.